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Trauma Therapy & EMDR

Whether you experienced a singular traumatic event that continues to haunt you, or you have suffered from long-term hardship that keeps you feeling trapped, healing from trauma is possible.


Some people think that trauma therapy means you have to relive the experience and talk through every detail in order to move forward. That doesn't have to be the case. We will work at a pace that is right for you. I am not saying it will be easy. It won't. What I can say is that you will not be alone as you go through this healing process. 


Trauma therapy with me can involve healing your relationship with your body (often referred to as "somatic therapy"), mindfulness practices, and talk therapy. I often find that clients benefit from understanding the basics of neuroscience. We might talk about how your brain and body communicate and what can happen to that communication

in life-threatening situations, as well as how to heal your relationship with body your brain and your body.


EMDR: While talk therapy is a great option and can provide definite relief, some people find they need

more. EMDR may be the right fit for you. I offer online EMDR that you can do from the safety of your 

familiar environment. Get in touch to learn more about whether this might be a good for for you.

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