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Couples & Families

Family has the ability to fill our hearts with love and simultaneously make us want to take a long vacation - alone. I get it!

When we first fall in love, or first have a baby, we look around ourselves at other families and say, "We won't do it like that. We're going to be better." Then our tricky brains and hectic lives take a turn and sooner or later we wind up wondering if we somehow went wrong. We feel like we hardly know the person lying in bed next to us. It's been ages since we got to truly enjoy our kids. Our adult children are having a hard time being adults and we don't know how to support them without pissing them off. Every conversation is a fight and every day is a struggle. 

  • Partners deciding how or when to take the next step in their relationship 

  • Parents coping with the exhilaration and terror of having a new baby

  • Young adults and their parents discovering what it means to be grownups together

  • Couples who find themselves wondering how to survive the pain of loss, heartbreak, or even betrayal

  • Newly-divorced couples learning to separate in a loving way or coparent with compassion


I want to help you build skills to get through the tough times and get on with enjoying

each other. I often use the Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

in my family treatment. We might create a Genogram (this is just a fancy name

for a family tree) to help us discover where your relational patterns come from

and how to understand each other better, or focus on building communication skills.

Give me a call or fill out the contact form below to see if we are a good fit!

I also supervise registered Associate Therapists, which can add benefit to your work by pairing you with both an individual and family therapist who can collaborate seamlessly. This method can be particularly useful for families with teens or high-conflict couples.

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My first love as a new therapist was working with couples and families. I am particularly passionate about supporting families through life transitions. Here are some examples of the clients I enjoy working with:

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