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You might think you aren't good enough...that you are hopelessly flawed or "just too broken". We believe that you are highly intelligent and brilliantly adaptive, and we want to help you.

Whether you are completely new to therapy or just haven't found the right fit, we want to hear what you have to say.

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Let's work together.

Anxiety, Depression, & Self-Confidence

Life is a wild ride and none of us are experts at it! Whether you just need a little guidance through a rough patch, or you feel like the ground is falling out from under you, therapy can help. We can work together to help you get the life you long for. Let's carve out some time for you.

& Families

Partnership is hard and parenting can feel like an olympic sport! Every conversation you have with your loved one doesn't need to end in a fight. We want to help you build skills to get through the tough times and revive the love.

Body Image
& Eating Disorders

You might be feeling like food is all you think about or the number on the scale each morning determines your mood for the day. Let's talk about how you can make peace with your body and have a healthy relationship with food.


Maybe something happened and the memory of it dominates your mind. Or perhaps the pain has built up a little bit at a time until you feel like you can't stand it anymore. Trauma-focused therapy and EMDR may be the right fit for you.

Therapy Sessions
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